André Cognard Shihan

Andre Cognard ShihanAndré Cognard Shihan was born in France, 25 March 1954.
Since childhood, André Cognard Shihan was very interested in budo, and he learned judo, aikido and karate.
When a teenager, aged 17 years, he has started teaching aikido to adults to at least five group in several cities in Loire, France, where he lived.
In 1975, he received a diploma for teaching judo, aikido, karatedo and kendo.

André Cognard Shihan love for budo is never satisfied until in 1973, he met a man who eventually became his teacher,
Hirokazu Hirokazu Kobayashi Soshu, a direct disciple of the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. He quickly absorbed the Japanese culture, both the language and traditions.

Andre Cognard immersed himself in Japanese culture: during his travels he learned language and customs of Japan.Ten years of practice with Hirokazu Kobayashi allowed him to become his student, ten more made him his disciple and another five, his successor.

In 1982 André Cognard Shihan founded "l'Académie d'Autonome Aikido", in Europe.
Here aikido taught by traditional means as well with the theoretical support, from psychology, philosophy and western and eastern medicine.

In 1997 together with Hirokazu Kobayashi Soshu, André Cognard Shihan formed an international research center on Aikido by establishing an ethics based on respect for the individual. This organization is known as Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ha. Currently l'Académie Autonome d'Aikido represents more than 120 dojos worldwide, including large groups from Japan, Italy, German, Poland, Netherlands, Morocco, Russia, India and Indonesia.

In 1998, before Hirokazu Kobayashi Soshu died, he handed over the responsibility of KAKKHH to André Cognard Shihan.

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