About Académie Autonome d’Aïkido

L’Académie Autonome d’Aïkido (3A) was created by André Cognard in 1982 on the proposal of Kobayashi Soshu, his master .This is an organization under the law of 1901, which has for its goal the development of aikido according to the principles set by Kobayashi Soshu : respect towards the individual, kindness and tolerance .

3A is a traditional school creating many dojos in France and several academies abroad .It offers trainings to the teachers who are always at your service and help you get initiated in their discipline.

3A belongs to Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ha, a school created at an international level in 1998. Its vocation is to propagate and develop the Aikido of Kobayashi Soshu.

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